Our Story

Of the many things nature blessed Ethiopia with coffee takes the leading role; its extraordinary taste has made it preferable by millions around the world and it has been a symbol of quality coffee for years. Our grandfather who was the foundation and corner stone of our company.

Haji Hassen, our grandfather, who was born and raised around sebeta area in a place called “Ejersa” Engaged in agriculture as a farmer. He then started travelling, first to Butajira for a short time then transferring to yirgacheffe retaining a business as a coffee supplier. From 1949 to 1958 he stayed at Bulle hora Hageremariam retailing in the hope of finding different business opportunities. He used to travel a lot to areas like gujji, yirgacheffe and surrounding Bulle horra (Hageremariam).

With a passion he had for coffee opened the first washing plant at a place called Amaro. As a person who spent most of his life mastering coffee supplied to the central auction center with one of among his children who shared the same passion as him Kedir Haji Hassen grew up learning about coffee and retail different products from the capital to bulle horra with big stores from 1959 G.C -2002 G.C as a family and separately.

From 1995 G.C to 2005 G.C current shareholders working with their father Kedir Haji Hassen engaged in coffee supplying to the central auction center as a top leading from bulle horra. and Gujji until 2002 G.C then started to export overseas market and besides to this business engaged in whole sale & retail trade at large in Bulle Horra (Hagere Mariam). And to honor their late great grandfather who started trade, we decided to name the company after what people used to affectionately call him “ABBAHAWA” his oldest children HAWA (father of HAWA).


Our Vision

TO be the leading reliable source of original Ethiopian Arabica coffee exporter by green, roasted and ground in Africa by utilizing the latest available world technology and qualified manpower towards the satisfaction of valuable customers. 

Our Employees

We currently have a total of 122 employees who love and understand coffee. They have one mission every step of the way; To make sure only the best of coffee gets to you.

What We do

Since 2006, the grand children’s as shareholders have begun to export under Abbhawa coffee beans throughout the globe with a capacity on average above 11000 tons and earning above 30 million US dollar yearly as a top five exporter since 2011 G.C. 
The company has its own modern 8 T/H coffee processing and cleaning with Buhler color sorter for preparation of washed and sundried coffee. We also owned four washing stations and four dry mill cleaning plants in Bulle Horra(Ebella),Guiji (Qarcha and Gorome) and yirgacheffe. Besides to coffee export, our company engaged in beverage and food processing, manufacturing ‘ONE’ purified natural bottled water, Juice and carbonated soft & energy drinks and corn snack chips products with a total investment of 75 million dollars. One water has a capacity of 120,0000 bottles per hour, juice and carbonated soft drinks each 24,000 bottle per hour and 1 ton per hour chips snack with processing plants located at sebeta and alemgena which lies on a total area of 100,000 square meters built up modern food processing and warehouse facilities built up on 75,000 square meters.